Jerry Hester Umbrella Rig Retriever


How many times have you got your umbrella rigs hung up and you lost the whole rig? Well, if it's one or more, then Jerry Hesters Umbrella Rig Retriever will pay for itself the first time used.

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Jerry Hester Umbrella Rig Retriever

The Jerry Hester Umbrella Rig Retriever will save you money by retrieving the whole rig for you. You may lose a bait or two off of the umbrella rig, but you will save the rest of your rig.

This 12 oz. retriever includes a 10/0 weighted treble hook that is designed to grab the frame of your umbrella rig. This allows you to free your rig from underwater obstructions and pull it to the surface so you can get back to fishing.

This umbrella retriever is a definite if you’re going to pull umbrella rigs!


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